Personal first aid kit by Will Adams, 28 February 2019

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Why carry a FAK?

If you carry any cutting tool and intend to use it, a good personal first aid kit should accompany it. Back in 2010 on the bushblade website I had an article about what I carry in my personal first aid kit. It's changed little since then, but here is the kit as of 2016. (2019 update pending)

Easy to carry

The whole kit is 278g including alpkit zip pouch and easily fits into a trouser cargo pocket which in turn means it is more likely to be available when you actually need it.

Convenient to carry

What to carry

The contents of my kit have been tailored to deal with the most common trail side ailments and injuries I have personally experienced. It is intended for the treatment of me personally, though does get used on others if nothing else is available. I would always recommend putting together your own kit rather than buying a pre-made kit as you can tailor the contents to meet your own specific needs and skill level. The quality of items will be in your control and items will be far easier to obtain when the time comes to restock.

The main item in the kit is a 4" Field dressing with pressure bar, also know as the Israeli army field dressing manufactured by Fenton Pharmaceuticals

First Field Dressing
Israeli army field dressing

The rest of the kit is held divided into two modules each housed in a waterproof 4.5" by 7" Aloksak zip lock bag.

Module one contents

  • 3m Nexcare cohesive bandage - securing dressings, strapping of sprains and strains, reusable, good when frequent dressing changes are needed
  • Nitrile gloves
  • 3m Transpore 1cm tape - securing dressings, improvised butterfly sutures, blister prevention (over hot spots), stays put when wet
  • Victorinox Classic - scissors, blade, tweezers, toothpick
  • 10ml Povidone Iodine in paint swab bottle - antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, mixed with clean water for wound irrigation (approx 10 drops per cup of clean water), water purifaction (8-16 drops per 1litre)
  • 5ml Friars' Balsam - tincture of benzoine: topical antiseptic dressing for minor wounds and mouth ulcers, topical adhesive for dressings and steri strips, add a few drops to hot water and inhale as a decongestant

Module One
Module One in Aloksak

Module two contents

  • 2 packs of 7.5cm cotton gauze - (5 swabs in each pack)
  • 1 x 7.5cm Melolin dressing
  • Antiseptic wipes and Alcohol swabs
  • Medications - Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Benedryl
  • Opsite Flexgrid clear film dressing - superb for grazes, burns, blisters etc.
  • 3m Steri strips - use with topical adhesive
  • Small dressings pack - see below for contents

Module two
Module Two in Aloksak

Small dressings pack

  • Compeed blister dressings - use with alcohol swabs and/or topical adhesive
  • 2 x Meloloin none adherent dressings (5cm)
  • A selection of 3m Nexcare aqua protect dressings - simply the best plasters I have come accross
  • Elastoplast fabric strip - cut to fit

Small Dressings Pack
Small dressings pack